Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a billing service cost?

Our billing services are based on a percentage of your net collections.

What will a billing service do for me?

We handle your billing from start to finish. From helping you to determine which code to bill through to the point of collection, we can handle your complete billing needs so you can focus on running your business.

Why should I consider a billing service?

Are more than 15% of your accounts receivable over 120 days old? Are your collection rates below those of competitors in your area? The fact is, not every health care provider is comfortable with running their practice and managing their own billing needs. Practice Management & Billing Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to provide consistent billing management that you can rely on, so your accounts are kept up-to-date.

Will I have to switch my billing system?

Some firms will require you to adopt a specific billing system. Practice Management & Billing Solution is able to work with you to incorporate your current billing systems, allowing you to keep your software infrastructure intact and make the transition to our billing services as seamless as possible.

This will also help keep things transparent, as you will have complete access to records and reports so you can see the work we are doing. Nothing will be hidden or kept from you.

How do I improve coding in my practice?

Coding and credentialing are critical parts of any billing service. Practice Management & Billing Solutions has a proven track record of keeping our credentials and coding knowledge up-to-date, especially with the latest techniques and procedures associated with your profession. We work closely with the doctors at your practice to ensure that nothing is missed and the correct code is applied to each patient’s account.

How do I improve credentialing in my practice?

Credentialing takes time, and having the slightest error on a form can add days and months to an already time-consuming process, costing you money. When your practice is ready to hire a new doctor, it’s imperative that his credentials are correct and approved before he sees his first patient. Our staff at Practice Management & Billing Solutions pay close attention to detail and ensure that all documents and contracts are correct upon submission to all insurers, including Medicare.

How much does a practice management service cost?

Our practice management services are based on either a percentage of your collections or a price-per-engagement.

What will a practice management service do for me?

Simply put, a practice management service let’s you focus on running your practice. Whether you need help with designing benefits for your employees, complete financial reporting, recruiting staff, or anything in between, Practice Management & Billing Services provides expert practice management and consulting services for all medical specialties.